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June 7th, 2019

Bio: Colonel T.S.T. Featherstonehaugh-Bumleigh (Ret.)

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Colonel Terry Steven Thomas Featherstonehaugh-Bumleigh (Ret.), is the great-grandson and cousin (due to an space-time incident involving a hyper-gyro agitator) of the legendary  Sir Stuart Ware-Armitage: Air-Knight of the famous 1st Aero-Mechanised Fuseliers Brigade, who were the victors of the Battle of the Skycopters at Kempt. Colonel F-B, now retired and working as a Parsecular Mechanisation Consultant and Solar Surveyor, was the Officer in Charge of the 2nd Hummersmit Hyper-Air Machine Squadron, who honorably accounted for themselves at the Battle of Placebe, the Winged Electro-Tri-ped Onslaught at Therbo, and the Air-Seige of Forani. With the aid of his Steambone,Colonel F-B joins Praxis Axis on their quest for electro-acoustical sensibilities, with its aims to evoke the Harmony of the Spheres, and the fiery sound waves of Sol.    

October 31st, 2016

Adrian in the Czech Republic

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I’ll be heading off to Ostrava, in the Czech Republic, next March, for a conducting masterclass with the Janacek Philharmonic and Jorma Panula: a conducting pedagogue from Finland, who has been teaching conducting at several distinguished music institutions in Europe over the last five decades. The Janacek Philharmonic has a well established reputation for their performances of Czech music, and have worked with numerous prominent conductors including Vaclav Neumann and Charles Mackerras. The two week course will include two public performances with the orchestra, consisting of works by Mozart, Mussorgsky, Beethoven, Dvorak, Janacek,   Wagner, and Mahler. I’m looking very much to this course, but in the meantime there is much to do and to prepare.

July 5th, 2006


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Depression is something that is, apparently, becoming almost an epidemic in our society. But yet it is still treated by many as a taboo thing. Something to put up with. Something not to be spoken about because it’s embarrassing. The impression that this is a condition that must be endured- alone.