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October 11th, 2018

Next concert: Remember & Commemerate (Brisbane City Pops Orchestra, with Adrian Head)

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Remember and Commemorate Sunday 11th November 2018 at 2pm Schonell Theatre, The University of Queensland Adults $30, Concessions $26, Students $12 and under 5 free Tickets for Schonell Theatre concerts may be purchased by calling Maree Williamson on (07) 3378 2384. Ample free parking available next to the Schonell Theatre.  Complimentary programs and post-concert refreshments are also provided! Tickets for Schonell Theatre concerts may be purchased by calling Maree Williamson on (07) 3378 2384. Sunday 18th November 2018 at 2pm Kedron-Wavell Services Club, Kittyhawk Drive. Chermside Bookings can be made by visiting the club, Kitty Hawk Drive, Chermside or by calling 136100 or book online at The Brisbane City Pops Orchestra is proud to present a very special concert for its final programme of  2018. Remember and Commemorate will be held on Remembrance Day as well as on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended World War I. It is a programme of music composed for and/or associated with wartime and will take you on a special journey down memory lane. We will present the famous and stirring Dam Busters, Knightsbridge March and the Light Cavalry Overture. You can sing along to our two selections – Down Memory Lane and Thanks for the Memory- which are full of very popular and well-known melodies from the war era. You will also be entertained with the beautiful Forgotten Dreams, Yesterday and a wonderful Satchmo selection! We are thrilled to have well-known tenor Lindsay Gaffney as a guest artist, presenting You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Impossible Dream and…

July 15th, 2018

September Fires: Music to warm & inspire

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  I’ll be joining the Sinfonia of St Andrew’s again in September, for a concert of music filled with fire and warmth. Robert Schumann’s, “Bride of Messina”, overture, inspired by Goethe’s play, was written in two weeks and in the wake of the completion of his Third (“Rhenish”) Symphony. The plot of the play, involving two princely brothers murdering each other over their love of the same woman, who neither knew to be their sister, foretold to be the catalyst of their deaths, Schumann depicts with a brooding, foreboding introduction, followed by some of his fieriest music. This of course makes a good, fiery, companion to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, which not only is recognised as one of the greatest works of Western Art Music, let alone the admiration that it has held for humanity in general, cast a long shadow over composers within and beyond the Nineteenth Century. Contrasting these two works- perhaps the eye of the storm- we’ve included Haydn’s Symphony No. 22, a work that written in his thirties, that has the unusual orchestration of two Cor Anglais, along with the standard strings and paired horns. The addition of the Cor Anglais gives the sound of the orchestra a warmer tone, at times adding to the jocular nature of the work. Although this work goes by the subtitle, “The Philosopher”, this did not originate from Haydn himself, although it seems to have inherited the subtitle within his lifetime. So please join us for a concert of warmth and fire on the afternoon of…

February 24th, 2018

Next Concert: Something Magical, Something Doubled, Something Unfinished- Adrian Head & the Sinfonia of St Andrew’s

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In May, I’ll have the pleasure of conducting the Sinfonia of St Andrew’s as part of the 4MBS Festival of Classics, in a performance that will include the overture to Mozart’s, “The Magic Flute”, J.S. Bach’s Double Concerto for two violins, and Schubert’s Symphony in B minor: the “Unfinished”. I’ve enjoyed good relations as a conductor with the Sinfonia over the last three years, and it’s a real joy to be preparing this program to perform with them, especially with Chen Yang and Matthew Gillett as soloists for the Bach. Please come and join us on the 25th of May for what should be a wonderful evening of music making. All the best.  

December 29th, 2017

Time for a Two-Year Wrap-up (only two years?)

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I remember a time when I would do one of these reflective messages every six months. Things have certainly changed over the last ten years, and it’s a good moment for me to pause, take stock of the last two years, briefly look at the last ten (for reasons that will become obvious), and to look even more briefly into the future. The last two years have been very important to me, but I could not have done them without the last ten. I’d like to share some of this with all of you, as many of you have contributed to this progression in your own way. I’d rather avoid making this post a rudderless ramble, and I’m also aware of it turning into an elongated mutual appreciation society. Of course there are many people, organisations, and opportunities to acknowledge amongst other things. From mid-March 2016 through to early December this year, I have undertaken 15 concerts, with roughly nine hours’ worth of scores prepared. That works out to be an average of one concert every six weeks, and an average of one rehearsal every eight days for 96 weeks! No wonder I’ve been starting to feel a bit worn out lately. Probably the most important lesson for me has been this: it has become apparent how much I have taken my conducting skills for granted, and have to some extent been embarrassed by them. From my mid-teens I’ve always loved conducting, but I have never properly nurtured it until now. I’ve never really had the confidence…

October 30th, 2017

Next two performances: Showtime with the Brisbane City Pops Orchestra 

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Please join the Brisbane City Pops and yours truly as we perform a selection of tunes ranging from Irving Berlin, Frank Sinatra, Strauss’ “Emperor Waltz”, and “The Man from Snowy River” to name a few. Special guests Gregory Moore and Martin Daubney. 

October 15th, 2017

Thank you for voting

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Thank you to those of you who voted for me in the recent poll for the 4MBS Treasured Queensland Classical Musician/Group. The poll closed last Friday, and I appreciated those of you who took the time to vote. Tune in to “My Musical Journey” on 4MBS Classic FM next Saturday, the 21st of October, from 8.10am to find out who the top five winners. This is also a special day as I’ll be conducting the Sinfonia of St Andrew’s and the Queensland University Music Society in selections from Weber’s Der Freischütz, and Cherubini’s moving Requiem in C minor.  Thanks again, and hopefully I’ll see you soon. All the best.

September 3rd, 2017

Next concert: The Marksman & the Requiem

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  I’ve been looking forward to this next concert for some time, and it will be a great delight to be working again with both organisations for this performance. Marking 200 years since it’s first performance, the Queensland University Music Society and the Sinfonia of St Andrew’s present Cherubini’s Requiem in C minor. Imitated by Brahms and Berlioz, admired by Schumann and Beethoven, this work was written in memory of King Louis XVI of France, who was executed in 1793.

October 31st, 2016

Adrian in the Czech Republic

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I’ll be heading off to Ostrava, in the Czech Republic, next March, for a conducting masterclass with the Janacek Philharmonic and Jorma Panula: a conducting pedagogue from Finland, who has been teaching conducting at several distinguished music institutions in Europe over the last five decades. The Janacek Philharmonic has a well established reputation for their performances of Czech music, and have worked with numerous prominent conductors including Vaclav Neumann and Charles Mackerras. The two week course will include two public performances with the orchestra, consisting of works by Mozart, Mussorgsky, Beethoven, Dvorak, Janacek,   Wagner, and Mahler. I’m looking very much to this course, but in the meantime there is much to do and to prepare.

April 25th, 2015

100 years of the ANZACS

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[This was something that I wrote and posted on Facebook on ANZAC Day in 2013. I’ve updated it to bring it in line with this year’s ANZAC Day, which is exactly 100 years since those sad events occurred. In instances where I’ve alluded to more current events in 2013 I’ve found it unnecessarry for anything to be updated, despite the fact that the events alluded to have changed. That in itself has provoked feelings both ironic and tragic.] After running in the light of a full moon recently, I was reminded that the Earth was hit by a large planetesimal  approximately four and a half billion years ago. The debris thrown off from this impact formed the large, lifeless satellite that has orbited the Earth ever since, and controls against what would be the Sun’s catastrophic tidal affect on Earth’s oceans. The planetesimal also provided additional iron to the Earth’s core, resulting in  a magnetic field that moderates Earth’s surface temperatures. It also has allowed the Earth’s axis to remain steady enough to have allowed organic material, most of it deposits from the Kuiper Belt’s asteroids, to have the right sort of conditions to produce a multitude of life upon the Earth. The fragility of this complex setup is demonstrated by the fact that, so far, a similar incubation system within the Solar System, let alone this galaxy or the rest of the universe, has not been found. It would appear to be a rare (and a perhaps unique) anomaly. Just over one hundred years…

August 4th, 2013

Ady has a new home

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As the Ady Ensemble starts to establish itself, it seemed like a good time for us to give it a proper home online. I’ll still be jotting away here (especially now that the renovations are finally almost complete), but if you’d like to keep an eye on what Ady (i.e. the ensemble) is up to, then to, where you’ll find the latest news, and details on events. See you there!