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October 31st, 2016

Adrian in the Czech Republic

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I’ll be heading off to Ostrava, in the Czech Republic, next March, for a conducting masterclass with the Janacek Philharmonic and Jorma Panula: a conducting pedagogue from Finland, who has been teaching conducting at several distinguished music institutions in Europe over the last five decades. The Janacek Philharmonic has a well established reputation for their performances of Czech music, and have worked with numerous prominent conductors including Vaclav Neumann and Charles Mackerras. The two week course will include two public performances with the orchestra, consisting of works by Mozart, Mussorgsky, Beethoven, Dvorak, Janacek,   Wagner, and Mahler. I’m looking very much to this course, but in the meantime there is much to do and to prepare.

October 29th, 2016

Beethoven: Symphony 1, 1st Movement

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Something from last month’s performance with the Sinfonia of St Andrew’s (footage featuring QUMS and soloists will be up a little later) at “Completely Classical”. My thanks to the members of the orchestra, for receiving me so kindly during my first performance conducting them.

October 16th, 2016

Completely Classical: Music by Mozart, Haydn, & Beethoven

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It gives me great delight to announce that I will be conducting this concert next weekend. The Sinfonia of St Andrew’s and the Queensland University Music Society (QUMS), are performing at St Andrew’s Uniting Church next Sunday, the 23rd of October. The programme includes Mozart’s Overture to “Cosi fan Tutte”, Beethoven’s 1st Symphony, and the Harmoniemesse of Haydn. It’s been a real pleasure working with both the Sinfonia and QUMS for this performance, and I’d like to thank QUMS for their initial invitation to work with them, and for the Sinfonia to join forces with them. For more information please have a look at the flyer displayed on this post, or you can go to this concert’s events page on FaceBook. This is my sixth conducting commitment over the last eight months, and although challenging at times it has been a rewarding time, and also a humbling time to make music with so many fine musicians, both here and abroad. See you at St Andrew’s next weekend!

April 25th, 2015

100 years of the ANZACS

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[This was something that I wrote and posted on Facebook on ANZAC Day in 2013. I’ve updated it to bring it in line with this year’s ANZAC Day, which is exactly 100 years since those sad events occurred. In instances where I’ve alluded to more current events in 2013 I’ve found it unnecessarry for anything to be updated, despite the fact that the events alluded to have changed. That in itself has provoked feelings both ironic and tragic.] After running in the light of a full moon recently, I was reminded that the Earth was hit by a large planetesimal  approximately four and a half billion years ago. The debris thrown off from this impact formed the large, lifeless satellite that has orbited the Earth ever since, and controls against what would be the Sun’s catastrophic tidal affect on Earth’s oceans. The planetesimal also provided additional iron to the Earth’s core, resulting in  a magnetic field that moderates Earth’s surface temperatures. It also has allowed the Earth’s axis to remain steady enough to have allowed organic material, most of it deposits from the Kuiper Belt’s asteroids, to have the right sort of conditions to produce a multitude of life upon the Earth. The fragility of this complex setup is demonstrated by the fact that, so far, a similar incubation system within the Solar System, let alone this galaxy or the rest of the universe, has not been found. It would appear to be a rare (and a perhaps unique) anomaly. Just over one hundred years…

May 1st, 2014

The lovely fool

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For months I toil in the name of music.

August 4th, 2013

Ady has a new home

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As the Ady Ensemble starts to establish itself, it seemed like a good time for us to give it a proper home online. I’ll still be jotting away here (especially now that the renovations are finally almost complete), but if you’d like to keep an eye on what Ady (i.e. the ensemble) is up to, then to, where you’ll find the latest news, and details on events. See you there!