March 24th, 2018

Research for Something Magical, Something Doubled, Something Unfinished

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If I had to describe pictorially my attitude to music performance- even at high school, which got me into an argument with a panel member during one of my undergrad auditions- it would be as a river: one bank being the scholarly research into performance; the other the practicalities of playing. Not all enjoy putting their toe into the water to cross and see what scholarly research can do to help them with their performance (usually instead just leaning on old, specious, anecdotes), but I enjoy the process of being exposed to it, questioning its validity, subsequently finding ways for it to work with the pragmatics of performance, and build/enhance the faith that the players will have in trying to undertake it. All this stimulates the mind, enriches our understanding and love of a work/composer, which is then imparted to others. It can be turbulent at times, but once you finally get used to the current it can take you on further, and longer, journeys. #conductor #conducting #orchestra #Schubert #unfinishedsymphony #musicresearch #saynotoFFz #F-Fz

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