The mastering still continues. Hopefully we should have the recordings from last month’s session of Brahms’ 2nd Symphony completed soon. Thanks again to all of the members of the Ady Ensemble, who played so well on the day #conductor #conducting #orchestra #symphony #Brahms #brahms2ndsymphony #adrianhead #adyensemble

Well it’s been an amazing day. The Ady Ensemble members (Adyophiles) gave their all today for the final day of our Brahms Recording Project, which we’ve been rehearsing over this last week for today’s recording session. The day went without a hitch, and I was both humbled by the dedication and enthusiasm of the players and, like many of them, I felt transformed by playing this wonderful music: Brahms 2nd Symphony. After ten long months, at times grueling, of planning and preparing this project, when I finally put my arms down for the last time it was hard to believe that it had come to an end, and that we had achieved what we had set out to do. To my friends, those who were a part of today, both playing and assisting, I cannot thank you enough for the faith that you put in me, for which you repaid in your playing tenfold. Thank you, and see you soon 🌺

It’s 6am on a Sunday and I’m on my way. It’s only taken ten months of organising and re-scheduling to get us to this day. I’m going to be a happy wreck by the end of it ❤️

It’s been a special but busy week, full of events & anniversaries. After our initial tutti rehearsal on Sunday for the Ady Ensemble’s Brahms Recording Project, we’ve continued this week with some sectional rehearsals, which will be followed by our recording session over next weekend. Wednesday also involved a sad memory for myself & the Ipswich City Symphony, which you will see why from the second picture, and yesterday marked three years since Ady’s last recording venture, recording two new works by Australian women composers 4MBS Classic FM. One of the recordings from that day, Corrina Bonshek’s “Dreams of the Earth”, was commercially released back in February of this year – something that none of us involved had expected to happen. Ten years ago today I attended my Masters graduation ceremony Queensland Conservatorium, which had given me the inspiration & confidence to form & perpetuate the Ady Ensemble. By a strange coincidence, six years ago today also involved a conversation with Corrina, which thanks to her would see me take a path where I would conduct overseas – something that I would only have dreamt of otherwise. But the week is not over yet, and the Ady Ensemble will finish its current project over this upcoming weekend, & the ensemble looks forward to sharing the finished product with you.

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Thanks to all of the Adyophiles who attended our first rehearsal of the Ady Ensemble’s Brahms Recording Project. After having to delay our first instance of this project back in June, it was with some relief and joy that we were able to recommence this project now, six months later. Let’s hope this time that we can see this project to the end, and finish up with a recording of Brahms’ 2nd Symphony. As is traditional for the ensemble, Tim Tams were available. (photos: Helen Brereton) #conductor #conducting #orchestra #adyensemble #adrianhead #brahms #brahmssymphony2 #symphony

So today was the third and final concert conducting the Brisbane City Pops Orchestra. It was also an important date for me personally today, as it was fifteen years ago today that my father-in-law passed away. A lifelong fan of the Aston Villa F.C., I paid tribute to him with pocket kerchiefs, the maroon and light blue of the club, & have to say that there were a few moments during the performance that I thought of him. My thanks to the BCPO’s players for having me back, and thank you to all of the singers who have been involved with our three concerts. It’s been a pleasure making music with you 🌺

Another great audience turnout for the Brisbane City Pops Orchestra last Saturday in Kenmore, for our second concert together.

With Monday night being our last rehearsal for this concert series, the orchestra also had a bit of a Christmas bash, and gave me a kind token of their appreciation.

We’ll have our final concert together this Sunday in Southport, and I’ve enjoyed all three concerts, especially the Strauss and Mascagni that we’ve done with the chorus.

But for me that’s not the end of the year, as I’ll be working with the Ady Ensemble, recording Brahms’ 2nd Symphony, for what will then be my final project for the year.

It’s 2:30am and I can’t go back to sleep.
After the initial tiredness returning from a long day of travel, I find myself experiencing the quiet content that comes from a good rehearsal or, as is the case here, a great concert. I’d like to thank the Brisbane City Pops Orchestra for their playing at yesterday’s performance in Maleny, Leslie Martin for her wonderful songs, and Margaret Taylor and the delightful Maleny Singers, who joined us for Verdi’s Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves, Der Fledermaus, and Mascagni’s Easter Hymn – which as the concert’s finale resulted in the standing ovation kindly received from the audience. This was my first trip to Maleny in thirty years; I hope it won’t take quite so long again to return. Thank you 

The most civilised way to wait for a bus.
Heading up to Maleny with the Brisbane City Pops Orchestra, for our performance this afternoon with the Maleny Singers, including works of Verdi, Strauss Jnr, Tchaikovsky, and Mascagni. #conductor #conducting #brisbanecitypopsorchestra #adrianhead #malenysingers