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Well it’s been an amazing twenty-four hours

As we drove away from the Draney Theatre yesterday (now affectionately known as “The Draney”), my now wet shirt from perspiration due to yesterday’s performance seemed to appear to be the only indicator that anything had happened between this moment & our arrival at the theatre only a couple of hours before; whatever happened in […]

Tickets now on sale for “New but old. Old but new”

Step into a world with the Ady Ensemble where the lines between the past and the present blur, as the ensemble embarks on a captivating musical journey. In this unique concert experience, the audience will be transported to a realm where timeless compositions intertwine with contemporary artistry. Join us for this extraordinary concert experience, where […]

Three years ago today…

Three years ago today, I conducted the first of two concerts, organised by Helen Carvolth and myself, utilising some very kind musicians who gave up their time so that we could raise funds to help those who were suffering from the bushfires raging across the country at the time. I spent some time today remembering […]

It’s been a busy time here, with a lot of upheaval over the last couple of weeks. One constant has been my score prep, as I continue to progress towards the next Ady Ensemble project in a couple of month’s time.

Well I didn’t think that I’d be back so quickly, but I’ll be taking tonight’s Brisbane City Pops Orchestra rehearsal tonight as well. Lots of score prep to be done. Nothing like a bit of adrenaline to keep it real.…and coffee.

Dreams of the Earth nominated!

I’m currently in quarantine since a couple of days ago, when I came down with Covid. However, todays news that Corrina Bonshek’s, “Song to the Earth”, that myself and the Ady Ensemble recorded, and which was released just over a year ago, has been nominated for an award at this year’s Queensland Music Awards. This […]