It’s been a tough year to say the least. It’s been tough on all of us, whether that be emotionally or physically;. It’s been hard on the relationships that we try to maintain with friends, family and colleagues. It’s been a challenge to maintain relationships within our separate societies and beyond them. Those of us in the Performing Arts have had the added challenge of a prolonged hiatus, and I count myself fortunate to have had the few opportunities that have availed themselves to me this year. Those brief moments of creative endeavour have felt not so much as an echo of the recent past, but rather the taste of what will come in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later.

To my family, friends, colleagues, and of course to those of you who follow me here and elsewhere on social media, as we approach the start of a New Year with some apprehension I would like to wish you all the very best for 2021. What I wish the most for all of you is that thing that connects all of us; that something that defines us all as humanity.


May this next year be filled with it for you, and for those you love.

Happy New Year, to all of you. #conductor #conducting #orchestra #adrianhead #hope