Ten years of the Ady Ensemble

Ten years ago today, the Ady Ensemble had its first performance (although it didn’t know it at the time), having started its very first rehearsals at the end of 2010. I can’t lie: it has been a very long journey, but also a very rewarding one that has involved a veritable roll call of who’s who in Brisbane with regards to ensemble members, composers & soloists. Some have come & gone quickly; some have stayed for a long time; others have gone away & returned at a later date. All have contributed in their own way to not only helping the ensemble grow musically, but to also help foster a friendly, warm, & supportive environment, that has been a joy to both observe & be a part of.

The experience of performing- & often writing- a very diverse range of repertoire has been extremely satisfying, & making that journey with so many wonderful fellow Adyophiles has felt often like a family reunion…the nice kind of family reunions- not the ones that the police end up turning up at! There have been ripples of course- every organisation has them- but good, supportive, people have helped us get to where we needed to get to. For that the ensemble has been very fortunate.

I’d like to thank all those who have performed with the ensemble over that time, & to the composers, soloists, patrons, & organisations who have supported us over that time.

My thanks to each & everyone of you, for without you there would be no heart to Ady.Thank you. #adyensemble #conductor #conducting #orchestra